“Right now we simply do not know enough about how prostate cancer is impacting on the lives of men following their diagnosis and treatment.  We urgently need to know more if we are to ensure every man returns to feeling just as well as they did before their prostate cancer diagnosis and for the first time this unique initiative should enable us to discover the answers we need”.  Paul Villanti, Director of Programmes at the Movember Foundation

The Project Team

The Project Team

“This exciting study is going to investigate the full range of issues that could affect a man after he’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  It will also look to see if men of different ages, locations, ethnicities and social-economic groups have different experiences.  We will use the results to make sure all men in the UK can get the support they need, and help men and their doctors make the best decisions about treatment and care.  Ultimately, we want to improve the lives of men with prostate cancer, and this research should help us do just that”.  Dr Sarah Cant, Director of Policy and Strategy at Prostate Cancer UK

NEWS UPDATE : Read the story of one man and let him inspire you to complete the survey.  Click here to read Will’s Story.



Oxford Brookes University     Southampton      Public Health England

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