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Quality of life in men living with advanced and localised prostate cancer: A United Kingdom population-wide patient-reported outcome study of 30,000 men.  The Lancet Oncology, January 2019many men survive for a long time after having prostate cancer.  This paper reports the main findings from the study, what problems men have after treatment and what their life is like after cancer. To read more click here.

‘Very difficult for an ordinary guy’: Factors influencing the quality of treatment decision-making amongst men diagnosed with localised and locally advanced prostate cancer: findings from a UK-wide mixed methods study. Patient Education & Counselling, December 2019 -the factors that influence treatment decision-making, which include both intra-personal preferences and inter-personal relationships with clinicians can sometimes conflict to complicate the decision-making process and challenging patient empowerment.  To read more click here.

The challenges on the family unit faced by younger couples affected by prostate cancer; a qualitative study. Psycho Oncology, November 2018Encouraging clinical professionals to initiate conversations with younger couples about their children may be a way forward in directing appropriate supportTo read more click here.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction among older men in Northern Ireland. International Journal of Clinical Research, September 2018Looks at men age 60 and over living in Northern Ireland.  46.5% of 2,597 survey respondents reported erectile dysfunction.  This is a likely consequence of treatment availability through the NHS in Northern Ireland, but also suggests that health care professionals need to engage more proactively with older men, discussing sexual health routinely and following up those treated for the conditionTo read the full paper click here.

Factors Influencing Job Loss and Early Retirement in Working Men with Prostate Cancer. Journal of Cancer Survivorship, July 2018 – The impact of prostate cancer on employment.  Targeted support and engagement with prostate cancer survivors at risk of unemployment, including their families and employers, is needed. To read the full paper click here.

Prostate Cancer and the Impact on Couples: a qualitative metasynthesis. Supportive Care in Cancer, June 2018: Prostate Cancer affects both members of the dyad as individuals, as well as the couple’s relationship. How best to support couples and how to overcome difficulties in expressing their concerns to one another requires further consideration.  Healthcare professionals should endeavour to employ a couple-focused approach where appropriate.  To read the full paper click here.

Urinary, bowel and sexual health in older men: a general population study. BJU International, February 2018: Among men aged 60 and over living in Northern Ireland urinary, bowel or sexual dysfunction were reported by two out of five men, with all three conditions reported by one in fifty men. The most common of these was sexual dysfunction, which was reported by one third of men. To read more click here.

A qualitative metasynthesis exploring the impact of prostate cancer and its management on younger, unpartnered and gay men. European Journal of Cancer Care, April 2017 These findings suggest that PCa can have a particular impact on the quality of life of younger, unpartnered and gay men. This has implications for the provision of tailored support and information to these potentially marginalised groupsTo read more click here.

Ethnicity and the prostate cancer experience: a qualitative study. Psycho-Oncology, July 2016:  a look at black and minority ethnic (BME) patients’ and partners experiences of prostate cancer by examining the findings of existing qualitative studiesTo read more click here.